Curse Client for Mac

Change log

Curse Client Changes

  • Major stability changes:
    • Additional support for extended character sets
    • Additional error reporting for installation failures
    • Additional error reporting for WoWDB/RomDB/Wardb profile uploads.
  • Text addon list feature:
    • Under Tools->Generate Text Addon List : This feature will generate a text file list of all the addons for all managed games. Users have request this as a means of easily sharing addon lists.
  • The client also has improved detection of anomalous or corrupted installations. If the client detects such a problem, it will log it and give the user an error before exiting. Changes

  • Push Game Profile Data : Available under Tools menu. This will allow users to manually upload their profile data to wardb/wowdb/romdb. While the automatic uploads still function as before, this will allow users finer control of their character data.
  • View Log file : Available under Help menu. To assist users seeking more information about the client's activity, and to troubleshoot problems, this feature allows the user to quickly and easily see their client log file.
  • Change to working/dirty copies : Any addon marked as Working Copy or Dirty will now display "-dev" as it's current version number. This will help prevent confusion with addons that are under development.


  • Alternate character sets : For many users, their game path may include non-latin characters and had issues with the client accessing those folders correctly. The client should now properly handle and support extended character sets for game paths.
  • Log file check : When running the client, an error writing to the log file possibly due to permissions would crash the client. The client will now display an error message if it cannot open it's log file. Changes

  • Adding of Donation url support, now references the donation url as set on the website, generally linking to paypal and pledgie
  • Added support for multiple ip users, should help with addon downloads failing
  • Add another tier of client minimum size for low resolution users
  • Fix for wardb profile uploads
  • Fix for change in rom directory structure
  • Improved error detection
  • Some minor improvements/advice for common error messages
  • Updating of included EULA
  • Added icon legend to documentation at
  • Removal of an overly broad error message
  • Modifying of "" in donate urls to "from+CurseClient" for better tracking Changes

  • Possible fix for the wxDebug alert some users have reported, if you continue to receive it please notify me.
  • Removal of the status item as it served little purpose at this time. Changes

  • Fixed numerous bugs
  • Restored fixes to the listview, sorting and highlighting now works properly.
  • Removed white borders around icons in the listview. Changes

  • Reverted to the old list control implementation until sizing issues can be worked out Changes

  • Fixed multiple crash issues
  • Switched to a different list control implementation which fixed the drag issue as well as sorting
  • Removed unneeded option from the configuration panel
  • Added initial configuration, will only display once

Known caveats

  • Does not work with OS X 10.4
  • Does not work with PPC based macs


Uploaded on
Jul 06, 2009
Game version
    4.7 MiB