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99 - Proposition of a "portable" option

Would it be possible to add an "(automatic) portable" mode to the new Curse Client that saved all its files in the same directory the executable was started from?

I just went through a few directories and saw that ĀµTorrent (uTorrent) was saving its settings and some temporary files in a directory within %APPDATA%, then found out that it would automatically continue saving those files to the directory containing the utorrent.exe if I simply moved them to it (or if there was at least an empty file called settings.dat in the same directory when uTorrent was started).

Long story shorter:
It would be nice if the Curse Client had a similar feature or option so that it didn't save its settings to %APPDATA%, but the working directory (/Curse/) instead.

Maybe a command line switch would work as well if you don't like the "automatic" mode idea. ;)

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    The files are stored in the app data folder, and copied to a new folder automatically when the client is updated. This ensures that in case of a corrupt set of data, users won't be bricked with an un-updateable client.

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